Online psychotherapy

Internet counseling is a recognized and accepted form of therapeutic intervention. It is a confidential process between the psychologist and the client.



A method of investigating people's psyche, in which participants dramatize, that is, represent theatrical, present, past, and even future events of their lives.


Counseling psychology

It deals with the support of people who want to make concrete and important life decisions or who try to adapt to new and often often unpleasant conditions.


Psychology - Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is the relationship between a person and a specialist who is trained to help people understand their feelings and change their behavior.



Neuro-linguistic programming - NLP

Neuro-linguistic programming has been described as "a new technology of thinking and behavioral tools". Work to improve the overall effectiveness of an organization and its employees.

Evgenia Maroussi is a graduate of the Department of Psychology of the Panteion University of Athens. He holds a license to practice. During her studies at the school, she studied her diploma thesis on "The abuse of women in marriage". She has been trained in Counseling Psychotherapy for Adolescent Adolescents at Master level.

Her training was also carried out during her practical training at the Family Consultative Center of the Municipality of Kallithea as well as in the voluntary work she offered at the Municipal Health Center of the Municipality of Kallithea. He has also attended a series of training seminars on psychotherapy techniques: Psychodrama, Dramatherapy, Couple and Family Therapy, Theatrical play, Labor psychology, Human resource and neuro-linguistic programming NLP.

She has also attended the following training seminars: the Pan-Hellenic Inter-Cancer Cancer Seminar, Gestault Foundation's Workshops on Psychoanalysis Training, Workshop on Intercultural Health Care and Immigrants under the auspices of the Municipality of Kallithea, Conference on "Providing Mental Health Services in the framework of the local community from the Kallithea Municipal Health Center ", which took place in the Municipality of Kallithea on 25/06/2014. Lectures of the Civil Academy of 2012-2013 with a subject of Psychology and Counseling. Lectures of the Civil Academy of 2012-2013 with a subject of Psychology and Counseling. During the practical training he dealt with dyslexia as well as with the learning difficulties of adolescents, as well as with the Adult-Adolescent Counseling. In the framework of the voluntary work he has offered to the Municipal Health Center and to the Family Consultative Center of the Municipality of Kallithea as a psychologist, under the supervision of a specialized psychiatrist he has been dealing with panic attacks, depressive symptoms, phobias, low self esteem, eating disorders, lack of self-confidence, psychosomatic problems, bipolar disorders, anxiety and anger management issues as well as compulsive symptoms.

The aim of this office is psychological support for children - adolescents - adults. A very important part of the office will be the play of children aged 5-12 years and the amateur theater group of children - adults who, with the help of a professional actor, will try to show how the theater can work psychotherapeutically beyond the magical journey it offers the theatrical education itself.


Theatrical game

What is a Theatrical Game? It is the play inspired by the theater, but without its own goal being the presentation of a theatrical work. Through various games such as imitation pantomime, structured or non-improvisation, and various toys that sensitize the senses, the child comes in a more subtle relationship with his inner world and his environment. It allows the child to express himself altogether, to creatively channel his energy, while enhancing the sense of teamwork. As the theater is "the art of arts", it combines most forms of artistic expression, so the play plays all the arts with the aim of globally approaching the senses of the child. Our painting, colors, music, body, voice and silence, our expressions all this and more are our tools.

The aim of the play is to play children through the tools and possibilities of the theater, to explore and discover the world around them, and to find their own place within it. This is a very pleasant process of discovery and knowledge through the cultivation of creative imagination. The children think, coexist, interact, discover, deepen and rejoice in a process that starts with a number of stimuli, such as a story, a poem, a short story, a show, an internet video, a newspaper article, a photo, a a picture they may have seen somewhere at random and caught their attention ... Children are called through the security that their role ensures and through dramatizing our fantastic history to discuss and express themselves on absolutely real issues that can to employ in their daily lives.

Play, body movement, silence and pause, improvisation, and role will give each child relief, pleasure, enjoyment, helping to turn to themselves, but also to their needs and beliefs others. We also need to point out that theatrical education is very important because it helps to express children that are more introverted, because here communication is not only with the traditional terms of the oral speech but with many personal expressive means, such as improvisation, movement, even silence. The completion of the courses follows a theatrical performance inspired by the children themselves.

Our actor and director Yuli Maroussi, a graduate of the Recognized High School of Drama, is the animator of the Theatrical Play, by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, Melissa of Elda Panopoulou, a graduate of the National Academy of Music in the program: "CINEMATOGRAPHY: HISTORY, PRACTICES AND PRINCIPAL PRINCIPLES ", as well as the program" EDUCATION IN CHILDREN AND EDUCATIONAL AGE "and a graduate of the University of Ioannina in the framework of the continuing training program in the program" THE DIMENSION IN THE EATRO ". She has worked as an actor in Athens Theaters, in DIMPEF. Agrinio, in the cinema, as a director in amateur teams at DIMPE.THE. Agrinio and as an animated playwright. All this is in co-operation with the psychologist Eugenia Maroussi, who is trained in play and psychodrama. He is a graduate of the Department of Psychology of the Panteion University, Certificate of Education of the University of Athens in the program: "CINEMATOGRAPH: HISTORY, PRACTICES AND BASIC SKILLS", and the program "TRAINING IN CHILDREN AND EDUCATIONAL AGE" training in the program "THE DIMENSION IN THE THEATER".



Theater is the art industry that refers to the performance of stories in front of audiences, using mainly speech, but also music and dance. It is the production of live representations of real or imaginary events in order to delight and train viewers. The theater may have various forms, such as monologue, opera, ballet, pantomime etc. It was created for the first time in Ancient Athens, as a development of the Dithyrambos. The first forms of theater throughout the Greek antiquity were tragedy, comedy and satirical drama; the ancient Greek theater was the only male and even women's roles were dressed by women themselves.

Afterwards the theater has evolved over the years and now the theater plays the leading role for both women and children. In 1962, the International Theater Institute established March 27th as World Theater Day. There are about 220 theaters in Greece.

What do we expect from the Theater: ... to realize the truth and the value of life. Our theater evolves as a physical and spiritual man. By extension, it helps us to explore more aspects of ourselves that we have not discovered so far. Through this we learn to have discipline, respect, and ethics and become as good as possible day by day. From our experience so far with the theater, we discover important concepts such as cooperation, teamwork and respect for the rest of the team. In conclusion, knowing the difficulties of entering and becoming a part of the theatrical world, we believe that passion for art feeds you with patience and perseverance so that you can learn as much as possible about this area.


What is Theater through quotes?
- The curtain is the entrance to paradise.
- Life is a huge theater where the same tragedy is played with different titles. (Sopenhauer)
- The aunt makes the actress the audience.
- All the world is a theater scene. (Shakespeare)
- When we fall asleep in the theater it does not matter if we lose important or insignificant things. The nice thing is just that we sleep. (Denne Katherine)
- When you are on stage, you can hear the best sound that any actor can hear. This sound is impossible to hear on cinema or on television. It is the sound of a wonderful, deep silence, which means you have achieved your goal (Withers S.)
- The theater was born as an event, as a function. (Horn D.)
- Theater is a human need. (Lampeti Elli)
- Theater is an art designed to represent human life (Isken)
- Theater is the great school of the eminent people of every age. (Napoleon)
- Theater is the complement of the pulpit.
- The theater had become a cosmic event. We get to the point where the theater comes to see the fur without a human being. (Moustakas S.)
- There is audience for every good work when you give it as it should.
- I serve the audience, but I do not bow down in front of him (Io B)

Our actor and teacher of the theatrical group is actor Giuli Maroussi graduated from the Recognized Higher Drama School, from the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, Melissa of Ellada Panopoulou. She has worked as an actor in Athens Theaters, in DIME. Agrinio, in the cinema, as a director and animator of the Theatrical Game. Information: 6947763571, 6937383172,6973456094